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FreeStyle Test Strips


FreeStyle Lite Test Strips 50 to be used with:

  • FreeStyle Lite Meter
  • FreeStyle Freedom Lite Meter
  • FreeStyle InsuLinx Meter
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Product Description

The FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System provides all-in-one convenient and comfortable way to test your sugar levels. When you need to monitor your diabetic health, the Freestyle Lite Glucometer helps make testing less painful and more efficient. Since this glucose meter uses patented coulometric technology, you get the most accurate results every time you test. If you dont like taking samples from your finger, this glucose monitor kit allows you to alternate the testing site from different areas on your body, for a more customized and comfortable way to test your glucose levels. Plus, you get your test results back quickly.
With the smart data management tool, you can view your sugar levels in just five seconds after testing. If you tend to forget when you last tested your blood glucose, the Freestyle LiteMeter includes four reminder alarms, so that you can monitor your diabetes consistently. With a large numeric display on the monitor, this glucometer helps you see your test results clearly. Plus the monitor is easy to hold, making this blood sugar tester portable enough to fit in your bag or purse.FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System:

  • Only FreeStyle meter uses patented coulometric technology
  • Measures virtually all the glucose in a blood sample for exceptional accuracy
  • Test strips do not require coding and give results in only five seconds
  • Virtually pain-free since it requires the world’s smallest sample size (0.3 micro liters)
  • Alternate-site testing (forearm, thigh and palm) means pain
  • Fewer wasted strips: Longest blood reapplication time and fill-trigger prevent tests from starting without an adequate sample
  • The smallest FreeStyle meter is designed to fit in your pocket or purse
  • Enroll in Abbott’s Friends for Life Program for Lifetime warranty, meter upgrades, 24-hour customer care, insurance helpline, training and educational materials
  • 400-test memory with test date/time
  • Four programmable reminder alarms
  • Large, high contrast display with backlight and port light for on-the-go testing, even in low light
  • Use only with FreeStyle Lite test strips (sold separately)
  • FreeStyle systems are covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and most health plans